Automatic Backlinks! New Google algorithm update and core web vitals in 2021


New Google algorithm update and core web vitals in 2021

 New Google algorithm update and core web vitals in 2021

Want to know more about the new Google algorithm update?

Your SEO ranking may increase or decrease based on this new Google algorithm update.

According to Google, they will start using Page Experience as a part of their ranking system from mid-June 2021.

So during this episode, we'll uncover what it really means in order that your website isn't penalized and loses ranking.

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Instead, you'll be able to use this update to move up the rankings from your competitors.

Today, we're getting to discuss the new algorithm changes coming to Google and assist you to prepare your business to affect them.

Okay, let's discuss the Google algorithm update in 2021.

What's the New Google Algorithm Update?


As you may already know, there are over 200 Google ranking factors that are believed to be related to high Google rankings.

At the highest of the list, there are historical things like quality backlinks and properly optimizing your website's architecture for the keywords you would like to rank for.

Those are the tools Google uses to help people find the best information available, which is their main goal.

And, those things are still important but now they've found a new way to determine how useful a web page is to its users - the page experience.

Since the main goal of Google is to provide the best experience to its users…

...then it only is sensible to seem at the particular page experience of the websites it chooses to rank for.

And now it is going to happen.

What is Page Experience?

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Page experience cues are cues that measure how users perceive the experience of interacting with an online page.

Basically, Google wants to prioritize pages that provide the best experience to its users.

And according to Google, not only do they want these pages to be prioritized in search results…

...but they want to highlight these experiences to help explorers understand what kinds of experiences they can expect.

So it looks like there may be some visual indicators on search results that help users understand whether a website meets Google's criteria.

nd while it is not so clear how it will look on search results yet.

It is clear that this update will affect almost every website on its platform.

So let's discuss what you'd wish to understand to stay relevant in Google's search results.

How to optimize your Page experience

The first thing we would recommend is that you sign-up for Google Search Console.

Google Search Console is free to use and has a "Page Experience" report that will tell you whether your web pages have a good page experience.

According to Google, an honest page experience could also be a URL that:

good core web vitals,

no mobile problem

safe, and

served over HTTPS

The things that can affect your main web essentials are things like page speed.

If it takes too long for people to load your website content, that's clearly not a good page experience.

There can be many things that affect your mobile experience.

For example, elements are too close together, content is too wide, or text is too small to read on a mobile device.

These are all things you can find out about your website for free using Google Search Console.

You can use the report to identify specific opportunities to improve the page experience of your website.

And although this update hasn't started officially yet, there's already a direct correlation between top websites and therefore the SEO ROI generated by them.

Just look at these case studies.

Vodafone improved its Page experience and saw an 8% increase in sales.

Yahoo reduced the number of poorly performing URLs in Search Console and saw a 15% increase in page views.

What's more, Yelp saw a 15% improvement in their change rate subsequent to fixing specialized issues with how their substance stacked on their site.

And the list goes on from here.


Top sites are as of now performing on their client experience, since it assists with SEO, yet it eventually assists them with producing more clients.

Improving your website experience helps you to show up on Google and rank higher.

As well as helping you delight people who visit your website and see what you have to offer.

With all that said, you would possibly be wondering... How important is page experience compared to other ranking signals?

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Here's what Google has got to say about it.

The Page Experience update introduces a replacement hint that our search algorithms will use, alongside many other prompts, to work out the simplest content to point out in response to a query.

Our frameworks will in any case focus on pages with the main data generally, yet a few parts of the page experience are shoddy.

A good page experience doesn't override great, relevant content.

Two big things here.

1. Overall preference will be given to pages with the best information.

This again emphasizes that content is ultimately king in the algorithm.

If you have the best page experience with poor information, you probably won't outperform your competitors.

2. The page experience is only one of the hundreds of other signals Google uses.

So this single update probably won't make or break your SEO standings alone.

However, if everything else is adequate to you and therefore the site ranking above you, we'll assume that the website with the higher page experience will prevail.

New Google Algorithm Update: Final Conclusion

With that said, we suggest taking a good look at the page experience of your website now in Google Search Console.

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This is so that you are not a victim of this update.

So guys that's all for today's post!

If you want the most results from your SEO campaign, our team of Atlanta SEO experts is here to help.

You can either inspect our complete SEO services or give us a call today. We would love to hear from you!

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