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how to become an advertising expert

how to become an advertising expert

 5 steps you'll follow to become an advertising expert

We generated over half 1,000,000 dollars in revenue for this client using Google Ads and over 1 / 4 million in revenue for this client using social media ads.

And we have many more case studies based on where they came from, which you can view for yourself on our case study archive.

So if you would like to find out the way to become an advertising expert from a digital marketing agency that handles many ads spends every day? read on.

And today, I'm going to show you how to become an advertising expert.

Well, to talk about how to become an advertising expert, let us first talk about what an advertising specialist is.

What is an Advertising Specialist?

In this post, we are specifically talking about a digital advertising specialist.

So this is going to be someone who is an expert in social media advertising as well as Google advertising.

digital marketing

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For example, a few years ago, Facebook had to change and drop many of the targeting options they once had.

So if you were running a really successful campaign that used some of those targeting options…

…you had to travel back and make adjustments to stay it running successfully.

You can keep up to date on some of the latest changes in digital marketing by following blogs like

Or, honestly, you can subscribe to channels like ours, as we also keep you updated on all the latest changes.

Just make sure that you are not satisfied with what you have learned because being an advertising expert you need to be one of the first to know at all times.

And thereon note, that's all we've for you today.

Comment below if you have any other questions about how to become an advertising expert.

And if you want to take advantage of our wide range of digital advertising services, be sure to contact us today.

Thanks for reading, and we'll see you in the next post!

So in general this is a quick list of everything an advertising specialist should be able to do:


Create graphic design or video work (for creatives)

Navigate and understand everything about different advertising platforms (so it's more than just basic entry-level knowledge that most people have today)

Read and interpret ad analysis to make informed decisions

Communicate those ad results effectively to anyone else on the team who needs them

Strategize and A/B testing effectively to get the most results at the lowest cost

Manage advertising budget efficiently

Monitor and optimize campaign performance over time

For the foremost part, the items thereon list are self-explanatory.

But we want to unpack a little bit more about navigating and understanding advertising platforms because there's so much more to it.

What people usually think about when becoming a digital advertiser is "I need to learn how to use an advertising platform."

Things like how to create ads, how to set up an advertising account, etc.

And we've seen videos about it on YouTube where people talk about taking a free online program from Google to get "Google Certified".

But we are just telling you that in this day and age it is all minimal.

Now don't get us wrong, we've given Google certification tests and their training programs are great, but all the answers to their certification tests are online.

This means you can open the test in one window and the answer in another.

So just because someone is "Google Certified" doesn't mean they know anything about running a successful Google advertising campaign.

Just being real with you guys.

We are no longer discouraging you from getting certified by visiting Google.

It's a free resource so if you plan to take it seriously and actually use it as a learning tool, do it!

But just know that getting certified by Google isn't a one-stop-shop for suddenly becoming an entire advertising expert or being seen together.

So we guess it begs the question, then how do you become an advertising expert? So with that, let's find out how you can do it!

5 Steps to Become a Digital Advertising Expert

Step one: Learn one advertising platform at A time.

There's a lot to understand about Google Ads as well as Facebook Ads Manager or any other social media advertising platform you may be using.

So it would probably be best for you to master one advertising platform before moving on to the next.

And also, once you learn how to use one advertising platform, it's easy to learn the rest of them quickly…

... because many of them have the same general format with slightly different tools or terminology.

That's why you should choose the platform on which your target audience spends the most time, and master that first.

digital marketing

Step #2: Invest in some training programs.

Now we know we just talked about how being "Google-certified" doesn't carry that much weight anymore, but we didn't say "don't take it!"

We've said that if you're planning on taking programs seriously, this is a free resource and learning tool for you to learn about Google Ads.

There are all kinds of training programs out there that you can check out for both Google and social media advertising.

The Social Media Advertising Course from LYFE Marketing that we can really confirm the most, which you can learn more about here.

But overall, you want to choose a training course that is going to teach you more than the bare minimum.

For example, if you are opting for the free training program offered by Google… have to remember that everyone else has access to the same information, so you're probably not going to learn anything important.

Now again, we don't want this post to just make it look like we're getting Google certification.

We'll say it for the third time: If you're brand new to this and just want to start somewhere, take them, because they're free, and what do you have to lose?

But this post is not more than just learning to advertise, it is about becoming an advertising expert.

So for that, you'll want to pay for a training program that's a little more advanced and ready to share the secrets of the trade.

Now, this step is the hardest, but it is the most important.

This is going to take some time, so make sure you budget according to your plans for the time it is going to take.

Remember that people learn differently, and many times, taking a course once doesn't stay on your mind forever.

You need to start practicing what you are learning.

If you're going to retain it, you're going to have to use your newfound knowledge and skills, which brings us to the next step.

step 3. Get real-world experience.

Depending on what your end goal is, there are a few ways you can now approach it.

Are you a small business owner trying to learn advertising for yourself? Then try everything you learned for your own business!

If you're trying to form a career out of advertising, you'll end up in a dilemma.

You may be thinking, "How am I able to gain experience if nobody will hire me because I do not have experience?"

If so, then you can try some freelancing websites like


people per hour

And simply price your hourly wage based on your entry-level experience.

You can also see if any of your friends or family need to advertise something you can try your hand at for free or at a discount.

It might just help you start getting a portfolio of experience under your belt.

If you watched our video on how we developed our marketing agency, you know when LYFE Marketing was first founded…

...we offered our first real customer a free 2 week trial of our work so they could give us a chance, risk-free, to prove their mettle in digital marketing.

People just want to feel safe that you are educated in advertising and know what you are doing.

They also want to feel secure that you're not going to end up blowing a lot of your money with nothing to show for it.

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Once you've got a little bit of experience under your belt, you can move on to the next step.

step 4. Work full time for an agency or freelance.

Once you've got your advertising game up a bit with experience and the time it takes to do it, you can:

Apply to a digital marketing agency like Digital PGK Marketing, or

Increase your value on one of those freelancing websites we shared earlier.

If you are a small business owner looking to learn advertising for your own business, you may feel like this step does not apply to you.

But an adjusted version of the move for SMBs could be to think about partnering with a digital marketing agency if you discover yourself short on time or burned out.

We know that tiny business owners wear many hats and time is precious. So if you just need some help to aid your advertising efforts…

Outsourcing to an agency like Digital PGK is often an efficient way to go that allows you to still learn and develop your skills.

Step #5: Keep learning and stay up to date.

Digital advertising is not something you can once learn, master, and be done with.

Yes, a lot of high-level approaches and strategies remain the same, but the way you execute them may change as new features come out all the time.

Conversely, things you once learned may be out of date or may no longer be available.

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