Automatic Backlinks! An in-depth tutorial on App Install Campaigns on Instagram


An in-depth tutorial on App Install Campaigns on Instagram

 An in-depth tutorial on App Install Campaigns on Instagram

How to create an app install campaign on Instagram?

If you have an app, you need to advertise it online to keep it alive (or to give it any life at all).

If you would like to find out the way to run an app install campaign on Instagram, stay tuned, as we'll show you everything you would like to understand during this post.

Today, we're excited to introduce you to the planet of app install campaigns on Instagram.

We'll show you some in-depth setup tutorials later, so stay tuned for them. Let's start with the basics.

What is an app install ad campaign?

An app installs advertising campaign may be a campaign you run to market your app. If you have an app, you should be running an app advertising campaign.

You can use app ads to:

Discover new clients (these are application introduce crusades).

Re-engage existing users (encourage them to require a selected action). These are app engagement campaigns.

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Enable users to sample your app.

To get the most out of your app ads, you'll need to register your app.

We'll go over the steps to do this briefly, but it's more advanced.

If you've got an in-house, freelance, or Instagram ad agency to assist you together with your ads, allow them to handle this part.

You should first register your app. In the App Dashboard, be sure to set up the platform for your mobile app.


social media

Provide your ad accounts (Settings > Advanced > Ad accounts).

Check availability and confirm your application is publicly available within the correct app store.

Then in App Dashboard, App Review > Make New App Public? Under, select Yes.

Verify your app setup.

What types of ads can you run for your app?

Every advertisement type will have various targets accessible.

We'll go over each one, as well as include instructions for setup and any best practices or things you should be aware of.

Automated App Ads

app install ads

app engagement ads

 if you are a small business that has its own app, don't forget to also read our post on Instagram for Small Businesses.

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How to set up your app advertising campaign in Facebook Ads Manager

Go to Ads Manager.

Select the ad account associated with your app.

Click +Create in the top left.

Select the app install objective.

Select the App Ads option if you want to create standard app ads.

We'll show you how to set up automatic app ads next, so keep reading for that.

Click Continue.

If you want to run ads for Apple users, iOS14 has a new option for Create Campaign that you should choose. Toggle on it.

Every advertisement type will have various targets accessible.

Note that if your app isn't linked to your ad account, your ad is becoming to be optimized for link clicks instead of app installs.

You will not be ready to optimize for any app events without first linking your app to your ad account.

We recommend that you toggle on both the A/B testing and campaign budget optimization options, then set your budget. Now click on Next.

If you want to know more about Instagram ad cost per click, we have another post for that too.

If you want to use Dynamic Creative (we recommend it), toggle it on here. Choose your budget, audience, and placement.

In the Customization and Delivery section, select your optimization goal.

Select App Installs to optimize for the people who are most likely to download your app.

Or, app events to optimize for people that are presumed to require a selected action within your app.

For example, making a purchase in a game or completing a level.

After that click on Next.

In the Identity section, select your Facebook Page and fasten your Instagram account, if applicable.

In the Ad Setup segment, select Single Image, Video, or Carousel.

In the Ad Creative section, select the image(s) or video(s) you want to use for your ad.

Add a title, description, and other text to include in your ad. Include the call-to-action button that's most relevant to your app ad.

If applicable, complete the rest of your ad by adding information in the Language and Tracking section.

Every advertisement type will have various targets accessible.

If you want to watch the full video walkthrough for the steps above, watch the video at the top of this post.

You can moreover make an application notice using the Traffic or Conversions objectives and entering your App ID inside the Traffic or Conversions portion, independently.

These ad objectives cannot run automated app ads. Speaking of which, let's see how to set up automatic app ads.

social media

Automated app ads or dynamic ads

These ads are all about getting the very best performance with the smallest amount of effort on your part.

They use machine learning to make the simplest combination of creatives to point out the proper person, at the right time, within the right place.

Benefits of using automated app ads

automatic placement

These built-in options show your ad to people in as many places as possible on Instagram (and on Facebook, Audience Network, and Messenger if you choose).

Facebook finds the right place to means your ad to the right person, at the proper time.

advertising creative optimization

You can upload up to 50 unique images or videos, up to five primary text options, and 5 title options.

And then, Facebook will show the simplest combination that every user is presumably to click on.

You don't even get to make 50 drawings or graphics. If you have got a product catalog, you'll choose from that for a couple of or all of your 50 images.

Campaign Creation Simplified

There are fewer inputs - only one ad set and one ad per campaign - so it isn't as formidable for beginners.

Audience Choice

You choose a mix of country, language, and App Store to means your ads.

To help make sure that your ads don't compete against one another, you're limited to at least one campaign per campaign:


language, and

optimization target

...for each of your promoted apps.

When you run an app install campaign on Instagram, some regular advertising features might not be available to you…

…such as targeting by age, gender, and other demographics.

Well, if you're wondering how Instagram promotion works, read this post further.

So let's now found out an automatic app advertising from Ads Manager.

To make mechanized application promotions from Ads Manager:

When selecting an app install objective, you'll follow the equivalent steps we did for app ads above.

Select the robotized App Ads alternative and name your mission, then, at that point, click Continue.

Add your specific ad category information, if applicable, click Next.

In the Apps section, select the app you would like to market.

In the Location and Language section, define the knowledge that you would like to ascertain in your ads. concentrate on the following:

You can only run one campaign and ad set at a time to focus on combinations like manual ads.

Social Audio is about to expand! Facebook Sound Bytes.

Age targeting is going to be 13+ or your minimum store age by default.

The same 90-day exclusion window applies to manual ads.

.Not at all like manual application introduce advertisements, computerized application promotions show up on all arrangements, which don't have the office to physically eliminate explicit situations

In the Customization Controls section, set goals for your ad and the way you would like to spend your budget.

Computerized application advertisements have four alternatives for enhancement objectives - App Install, App Install with App Event, App Event, Value Optimization.

Select your budget and schedule and click on Next.

In the Identity section, select your Facebook Page and fasten your Instagram account, if applicable.

In the ad creative section, you'll add individual images or videos or prefer to select media from the merchandise sets in your catalog.

Upload maximum number of images and videos for best performance.

Check out the possible variations of your ad here.

Snap Publish to distribute your computerized application promotions.

Again, if you would like to ascertain the complete video tutorial for these steps, inspect the video at the highest of this post.

Use the Facebook App Advertising Helper

Before you'll run ads, you would like to form sure that your app is correctly registered on Facebook.

To do this, you would like to go to the Facebook App Ads Helper.

You'll be ready to check the status of your ads, check app events to form sure they're working, and see if you've got any apps installed.

You can likewise check that your application is enrolled with Facebook.

If App Ads Assistant shows that your app is registered and available to be used, you're able to start running app ads.

How to optimize your app install campaign on Instagram

You'll want to use event optimization to line up your ads and find the right audience for your goal.

You'll get more downloads this manner and other people are going to be more likely to try to do what you would like.

app events

According to Facebook:

Application occasions are moves individuals make when utilizing your application and may be utilized for advertisements that specialize in, advancement, and estimation arrangements.

To use App Event Optimization, confirm you've got installed the Facebook SDK and App Events on your app.

Facebook likewise suggests that you just discovered application occasions all together that you comprehend who is connecting along with your application and running application promotions to the appropriate crowd.

The standard app events available to you are:

optimize for install

link click optimization

App Event Optimization

You can also use the API to line up an occasion of your choice.

You'll want to settle on the target that best matches your business goals.

Use App Events for AEO to increase installs and in-app actions during one campaign.

Facebook shared this instance and that we thought it had been great, so we're getting to share it directly from their help docs.

For example, for instance, you would like to run a campaign to encourage people to download a replacement gaming app…

... and you furthermore may want to form sure that the people that have downloaded the app will play the sport.

Using AEO, you'll optimize your ads for app events like Achieve Level.

This is in order that your ads are going to be shown to people that could also be more likely to download your app and achieve a replacement level within the sport.

You can also optimize for in-app purchases by using the acquisition app event in AEO.

Facebook likewise suggests adding profound connecting, so we should investigate that.

deep linking

You want to use deep linking in order that you'll send the user exactly what they're curious about.

This helps prevent people from abandoning when navigating between ads and therefore the content they need.

It is a smooth transition and provides an honest user experience.

How to add a deep link to your app Install a campaign on Instagram:

These instructions are for your iOS ads. you'll find instructions for your Android ads on Facebook for Developers.

For the nonce, we'll only tell you briefly what the steps are, but you'll find full instructions on Facebook for Developers.

social media

Add Deep Linking Settings.

Deferred deep linking (optional).

Verify deep link setup.

Add a deferred deep link to your ad.

Best practices for running app install campaigns on Instagram

To run the foremost effective ads at the simplest prices, you would like to follow best practices.

Luckily for us, Instagram wants you to achieve success on the platform (so that you simply keep advertising), in order that they share a variety of great tips.

This is what they recommend for arrangement and focusing on:

Your audience must contain a minimum of 100,000 people.

Utilize custom and carbon copy crowds for better performing (more affordable) promotions.

Exclude folks that have already installed your app so you are doing not annoy them.

Use automated app ads and campaign budget optimization.

Make sure your audiences don't overlap, or you're bidding against yourself and driving up the value of your own ads.

Here are some tips they provide for developing compelling creativity:

Describe what your app does.

Use visuals over text. inspect this post to determine a tutorial on the thanks to designing Instagram ads.

Show pictures or videos of your app on a tool so people know what to expect when using it.

Set prices when possible (meaning we've over 100,000 easy recipes for busy families).

Use a robust CTA button to inform users what you would like them to try to do once they click.

Use the carousel format to means more looks, features, or games.

Use dynamic ads featuring your catalog to supply personalized advertising to users.

This example from Facebook follows best practices for mobile app install campaigns.

Facebook starts rolling out a redesigned site with dark mode 

Take a closer look at these and follow their example.

Here are some app ad campaigns you should be running:

Run app install ads whenever you release new content in your app.

Target new people with cool new tools, and retarget existing users to announce the addition.

Re-target people based on activity.

Send incentives to users who haven't used the app in a while (another free trial, a bonus pack of tools or toys, plus extra content for them).

You can find more ideas for an Instagram giveaway in this post.

Re-target people with incentives who haven't made an in-app purchase in a while.

Some examples are a small discount or coupon code to encourage their next purchase.

Create a lookalike using your most active users.

Your most active users (or the ones who spend the most in the app) are your most valuable group.

You want to find more people like him, don't you? Use those people as Custom Audiences and create a Lookalike Audience targeting them.

This is called a value-based lookalike audience.

So there you have it! The Complete Guide on How to Run an App Install Campaign on Instagram!

If you need more help with your Instagram ads, contact us today to get started.

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