Automatic Backlinks! Genuine 8 Digital Marketing Case Studies


Genuine 8 Digital Marketing Case Studies

 Genuine 8 Digital Marketing Case Studies


Here are a few actual virtual advertising and marketing case research to encourage you!

We have put together a number of posts covering various marketing strategies and tutorials.

In our Facebook ad example post, we've covered the 7 most profitable Facebook ads our customers...

...and we broke down the ads to show why they work.

You guys really found that post helpful.

So in this post, we are going to follow a similar format, but we are not limiting the examples to Facebook.

Today, we are going to stroll via a number of our pinnacle virtual advertising and marketing case research the usage of eight actual purchaser examples.

let's get started!

digital marketing

eight Digital Marketing Case Studies From Our Clients

moto tracks

Royce Chocolate

Fox Cities Real Estate


embroidery shop

Eliza valid

handkerchief shop

Egyptian magic

Case Study #1: Moto Tracks

The first on our listing of virtual advertising case research are Moto Tracks.

This is a snow bike company so it had specific products for a specific audience.

We covered SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC, and Website requirements for them.

SEO, Website, and PPC

We got them 78 first-page Google rankings, resulting in over 77,000 new clicks on their website and $96,664.98 in revenue in 5 months.

We know there's a lot to unpack, so let's start with the SEO process.

SEO is the process of ranking your website at the top of the organic Google search results page.

That's when someone types in a keyword or search term relevant to your business.

For example, if a person searches “Atlanta Social Media Management Company” on Google/Bing/Yahoo (or any search engine) so the site that is the best search engine optimized for that keyword will be the first organic listing.

That's why we helped them appear on the first page of Google results for 78 keywords.

Now, SEO is usually a long-term approach, sometimes it takes 12 months or more to see first page results.

So the major key to getting these results so quickly was the age and history of their site.

Our client had already set up some web authorization in 5 years but was doing SEO wrong.

Our team was successful in getting into:

Reorganize your website

develop a strategy that includes on- and off-page optimization, and

Run top search results.

And while we did other services for them that we'll get to in a second...

... SEO was a big part of our strategy due to the nature of their business.

Because their products were so distinctive and distinctive, it was prudent to put their business in front of people actively searching for those specific terms.

That's what our search engine optimization and PPC offerings did for them.

So simply take a minute to consider your business.

Is the problem your company solves or the solution that your product or service provides something people often Google?

If you think so, you can verify by using Google Keyword Planner (it's free!) to see how many times any search term is searched in a month.

But for now, we just want to point out that even though SEO is generally a long-term approach…

…if your audience is actively searching on Google for what you offer, that shouldn't stop your company from starting the process.

social media

Now as far as the social media service we've provided for MotoTrax, it's important to note that you can still target a specific cool audience on social media.

However, there is no guarantee that they are actively searching for your product or need your product when you deliver the ad to them.

So on that note, let's take a look at what we did with social media marketing to see what worked for them.

We gained over 49,000 Facebook Page likes over 205K video views and 1,718 leads for $2.00 per lead from social ads.

So how did we do this and what did it work for?

To answer the first question, we used specific purpose-oriented advertising campaigns to boost their marketing funnel.

We ran a Page-like ad campaign that garnered Facebook Page likes at a rate of $0.19 per like - less than a quarter per like!

We ran a video views campaign that garnered over 2-05K video views at a rate of $.001 per video view.

We used a post-engagement marketing campaign to sell their posts and recover from 300,000 engagements at $0.01 according to engagement.

And finally, we ran a conversion campaign to get over 1700 leads at $2 per lead.

We've said this in other posts, but campaign objective selection is important because they're optimized by a goal.

So a video views campaign will show your ad to the people in your target audience who are most likely to see your video.

Whereas in case you centered the equal target market with a Page-like advert marketing campaign the advert goes to be brought to the humans inside that target market who's maximum in all likelihood to love your page.

And it's all driven by Facebook's AI and the behavior patterns of users on the platform.

That's why we thought it was important to show you all the different campaigns we've used.

This is because often we see business owners who are new to advertising come in and start running engagement campaigns...

...when they really want website lead form completion.

Now, the reason all of these campaigns work is because:

our consumer had the finances to gas them, and

We had been addressing each part of the advertising funnel.

Our client spent over $18,000 in those 5 months but was happy to do so considering the returns.

And if you've read any of our Marketing Funnels posts, you know that:

an awareness phase,

an engagement or consideration phase, and

a conversion step

...that your audience usually goes through in order to become a customer.

Our Page Likes and Video Views campaigns helped them increase brand awareness which can then be retargeted to get more engagement from their new followers and, eventually, convert them into leads.

If you want to read more about these SEO results, then you can visit our website after that.

And before we jump into Case Study #2 we would also like to invite you to take a look at our new social media advertising training course to boost your knowledge in social media advertising.

Case Study #2: Royce Chocolate

Next on our list of digital marketing case studies is for a well-known Japanese brand of chocolate.

We helped Royce Chocolates generate a 225.25% Return on Investment using PPC.

We generated 287 conversions resulting in $13,686.90 in revenue.

Therefore, with little company background, they were voted as the number one gift item in Japan's gift-giving culture.

But after a few years, their products were finally sold in the U.S. Including made available in 14 countries.

Therefore, they have hired us to help them increase their brand awareness and online sales through Google Ads.

As we discussed SEO in the previous example PPC is another way to put your website at the top of search results for a given keyword that you find relevant.

The most important distinction is that with PPC, you're paying Google at once for that space, and that is contemplated with the aid of using customers with the "ad" image subsequent on your website.

It's a fast way to get to the top of the search results but the caveat is that it constantly costs money to fuel it. As soon as you stop paying for clicks, you stop showing up there.

Having stated that, it is usually a true transient choice to begin promoting without delay and get a few coins to go with the drift whilst you figure on an extra sustainable plan like SEO.

For Royce Chocolates, he spent $4,208.14 and earned back $13,686.90! 

We broke down their campaigns:

Digital Marketing

by different keywords, and

by different match types

... based on popular search terms we found in keyword research that we did earlier.

Some of the fit kinds we used for their marketing campaign are not available.

The suit sorts now to be had are wide suit, word suit, and actual suit.

So here's an example from Google for the keyword "lawn mowing service". 3 words, 1 keyword.

If you use “Broad Match” targeting, your ad will appear during related searches such as lawn aeration services.

This is probably the least popular type to use because it loses a lot of targeting.

Phrase match means that your ad will be shown only if the search query includes the meaning of the keyword.

For example, "Lawn mowing provider near me" or "Hire an employer to mow the lawn."

This is the in-shape kind that changed the Broad Match modifier that we utilized in Royce's campaign.

And then finally, we have an exact match, where your ads will only show on searches that have the same meaning as your keywords like:

"lawn mowing service"

"mowing service"

So that became our crash route in PPC in shape sorts for you.

And for this post, we desired you to recognize that we've got examined many key phrases similarly to checking out the Broad Match modifier and precise in shape to beautify the results, we did it for Royce Chocolates.

These have been the pinnacle seek advertisements we used that resulted in their 287 conversions…sending them directly to the shop page for the chocolate collection they were promoting.

Now let's examine a PPC case have a take an observation for a patron from a wholly exclusive industry.

Case Study #3: Fox Cities Real Estate

Moving directly to the subsequent on our listing of Digital Marketing Case Studies Fox Cities Home Buyers is an employer primarily based totally in Wisconsin, USA.

They buy homes, connect sellers with real estate experts, and help people sell their properties.

They reached out to us for help with their Google ads.

We accomplished ninety-five conversions for them at $16.05 in step with conversion, which is not anything in comparison to the sales generated through any closed lead in actual estate.

We followed a similar approach in which we tested multiple keywords and tested them with BMM match type and exact match type.

All of them cope with ache factors that can be applicable to their goal marketplace including:

fast closing,

sell your house in 7 days,

no charge, and

No evaluation.

Using catchy terminology for your target market not only got them more clicks on your website, but it helped them to get the right kind of leadership.

People who are looking to buy a home are not going to click on ads that start with "sell your home," and that's what our customers wanted.

Our ads resulted in a nearly 40% increase in their conversion rate.

Make sure to read this post further, to know more tips for your real estate marketing strategy now.

Case Study #4: Wingstop

Fourth on our listing of virtual advertising case research is Wingstop.

This is a restaurant chain that specializes in chicken wings with locations across the country as well as some international locations.

Wingstop came into LYFE Marketing with the goal of growing its social media.

Specifically, they wanted to increase their engagement on Instagram and Twitter to gain new customers.

And we did just that. We grew his Instagram to over 1,300 and his Twitter to over 1,200.

Now, there are many ways to increase your followers organically, we have made some posts about it that you can read.

But we want to talk specifically about this client as an example in this post:

We were dealing with a local restaurant, which is not something you fully address in a post like this, and

We used a specific outreach strategy for his Twitter account.

We'll be actively looking for people on Twitter who are talking or hungry about wings.

We'll see if we can verify they were in the local area, and if so, we'll connect with them through Wingstop's account.

In this instance, a local tweeted that they were hungry.

We replied to him with a Wingstop account and said, "It's time to conquer that hunger!"Along with a mouth-watering picture of their wings and fry.

The person tweeted returned and said, "I'll make a forestall today! Oh my god. This appears great!"

In a largely automated world, there's still something to be said for personal, face-to-face engagement.

This is especially when you pair it with an eye-catching food photo that leaves you hungry on the spot.

But for small businesses and especially local businesses – restaurant or not – such engagement methods can do a lot for you:

brand awareness,

brand recall, and

customer loyalty.

Case Study #5: The Embroidery Shop

Next on our listing of virtual advertising and marketing case research is The Embroidery Store that is a wholesaler for embroidery supplies.

They have an extensive variety of merchandise and are called the main dealer of embroidery materials for the industrial embroidery industry.

They came to us after failing to get profitable sales through Google Ads themselves.

Our commercials generated ninety-nine conversions that ended in over $15,000 in sales for them, so let's have a look at how we did that.

We ran ads for different keywords based on individual products, as well as using different match types.

These were the best-performing ads that sent people directly to their shop page.

One element to notice approximately PPC campaigns is that you are setting them in the front of human beings you know (as a minimum extremely interested) due to the fact they may be actively trying to find a high-motive keyword this is associated with what you need to offer.

That's what we've done here with their ad group to help them find their specific target audience.

In advertising, you have a limited amount of character space to work with, and for search campaigns, in particular, there is no image.

So you generally want to get to the right point and here's what our ads did: "Embroidery supplies. High quality, low price."

Our clients spent $5,731.82 on these ads and received a 162.41% return on investment with $15,040.66 in revenue.

Case Study #6: Eliza Wajid

Next on our list of genuine digital marketing studies is that of Talaiya Wajid.

The brand is a manufacturer of a natural hair care specialist, a master cosmetologist, and the first full line of natural and chemical-free hair care products.

Their emblem gives hair care merchandise that might be particularly formulated and formulated for evidently frizzy, frizzy, kinky, and wavy hair textures.

Talaya Wajid contacted us to help him with his social media management.

We created 54,874 enthusiasts for them, over 263,000 overall engagements, and over 146,000 video perspectives at $0.01 in step with the view.

So let's see how we did it.

Similar to Mototrax's social media campaign, we ran numerous advert campaigns for Talia to serve those numerous objectives.

We generated his Facebook fans (or page likes) at $0.16 per Facebook fan,

After her engagement is anywhere from 1 percent to $0.004 per engagement, which is very low, and her videos are viewed at 1 percent per view.

But you cannot expect such results by throwing some advertisements on social media. The magic stuff was in our plan.

We break down our strategy into 5 steps.

Research of competitors and customers

Content and development strategy development

Implementation of content and follower strategy

measures and reporting and

Customization Lifecycle

The short version is that we found and targeted her ideal prospects, built relationships with them, and created engaging content. They to come back to your page and brand for more.

Case Study #7: The Handkerchief Shop

Handkerchief Shop is a small commercial enterprise that produces custom handkerchiefs for weddings.

The store has elevated its embroidery alternatives over the years in order that clients can absolutely customize their products.

They got here to us to optimize and enhance their seek engine rankings.

He started with 185 first-page rankings, and we helped him get to 314 first-page rankings.

He even surpassed Etsy here for the keyword "custom handkerchief."

So how did we do this?

We did in-depth keyword research to see which search queries are being used the most by their target audience.

Then, we helped them add hundreds of new Google keywords and increase their first page rankings for over 300 of their total keywords.

Then again, you can see that we're dealing with a client that has a specific offering and target market, which is why using SEO works so well here.

The key to this campaign was to be diligent in our keyword research and to make sure we were going after industry-related keywords even while following Google's best practices.

In case you didn't know, there are actually unethical ways to do SEO. This is called black hat SEO.

Black hat SEO is a method of doing SEO in a way that violates the policies of the search engines.

And if the search engine catches you doing this, to put it simply, it is disastrous for your campaign and business.

White Hat SEO is what is considered a search-engine-approved series of SEO tactics that you can follow.

We want to mention this because if you are adding keywords to your website to rank higher, you do not want to do keyword stuffing.

Where is it:

Keywords are loaded into an internet page's meta tags, visible content, or one-manner hyperlink anchor textual content in an try to advantage an unfair rank gain in are attempting to find engines.

But we are going to talk about this a little more in the next case study so let's move on and move on to our last case study of the day,

Case Study #8: The Magic of Egypt

Moving on to the last on our list of digital marketing case studies is the magic of Egypt.

This is a multi-purpose skin cream product made with all-natural ingredients.

Now if you read our top Facebook Ads example posts, you have seen us talking about this client in that post as well.

But we're mentioning them here again because we've done more than just Facebook ads for them.

We also did SEO and organic social media management.

For SEO, we helped them gain fifty-three first-web page rankings.

Whereas for social media management, we helped them gain a total of 67,233 new followers across all their platforms.

And in case you missed it in our other posts, we helped them generate $10,062 in revenue from their social media ads.

Digital Marketing


They started out with 0 first-page rankings, so how did we get them to 53?

Our main strategy was to create a blog.

We wrote blogs for them and in doing so added 1,500 new Google keywords to their content.

As a result, they saw more visibility with these efforts and started getting more organic traffic and sales consistently.

So what we want to mention here from the previous example about keyword stuffing is that…

...Your content should be written for your audience as much as it is written for Google.

You don't want to stick keywords everywhere just to be there—it's a quick way to get flagged by Google.

What you want to do is research to see what keywords are commonly being searched by your audience, and build blogs around those topics.

Make sure your blogs are as useful and valuable to your audience as they are optimized for Google.

Too often, we see business owners make the mistake of focusing only on one or the other.

social media management

Now for their social media management strategy, we've done a few things to engage their target market.

We researched their audience and found that their consumers are impressed and care about aesthetically pleasing Instagram feeds.

Therefore, we will send our clients a mockup of what their Instagram feed will look like with our content for the month before it is published.

Now, we sent it to them in a Google Document because we were planning on creating images as well as copy, hashtags, stories, and more.

But if you want a quick and easy way to plan your own Instagram feed, you can download a free app like Preview.

We also posted posts of consumers from their Egyptian Magic photos where they tagged us to raise brand awareness and encourage other customers to tag them in their posts.

And finally, we promoted the post and ran giveaways to drive post engagement and brand awareness.

This combined with the social advertising strategy that we have covered in our other posts has helped them find and convert new customers consistently.

And that completes our 8 Digital Marketing Case Studies! We know this was a long post but we hope it was useful to you.

If you want results like these, don't hesitate to contact our digital marketing agency today.

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