Automatic Backlinks! 9 Facebook Marketing Tools for Businesses


9 Facebook Marketing Tools for Businesses

 9 Facebook Marketing Tools for Businesses

Looking for some Facebook marketing tools for your business?

We communicate loads approximately Facebook in this blog.

And that's because we know how powerful it is in the hands of small business owners who know how to leverage it to market your business.

And that's why we spend a lot of time teaching you different Facebook marketing strategies.

But it's also important to know that some of the Facebook marketing tools are easier and less time-consuming to implement than all those strategies.

So today, we are sharing 9 Facebook marketing tools to make your life as a marketing entrepreneur a little easier.

let's get started!

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9 Facebook Marketing Tools to Help Businesses

ads manager

Zoho (Scheduling and Analytics Tool)


creator studio app

Facebook ad library

engagement invitation list

Facebook messenger automatic reply

Facebook business apps

business resources

Tool #1: Ads Manager

In case you're not familiar, Facebook says,

And the only thing we would add to their definition is:

It offers comprehensive targeting, allowing you to target a cold audience based on interest, demographic, and behavior,

It lets you create custom Lookalike Audiences of those who appear to be your present consumer base or electronic mail list.

It allows you to place ads in front of audiences like your website traffic, post engagement, existing customers, and more.

All these help you convert them into buyers and repeat buyers.

If you haven't seen our Facebook ads targeted post yet, we highly recommend that you read this…

…to get a complete understanding of how to use all of Ads Manager’s targeting tools.

But for this post, you need to know that Ads Manager is the most comprehensive social media advertising platform.

And if you: a) aren't using it or b) aren't utilizing it to its full potential, you're doing yourself a loss.

We know where you are on your short business trip can vary greatly.

But are you a brand new startup that needs brand awareness along with sales, or if you are a little more established and ready to increase your results…

… either way, Facebook Ads Manager is a must-use tool in your daily Facebook marketing.

Tool #2: Zoho or any twin scheduling and analytics platform

Zoho is what we use as a digital marketing agency.

But, there is a lot of scheduling, and analytics software out there like Buffer, Hootsuite, and more.

If you are doing a lot of posting, or if you want to post more, create your own content, and schedule it all together in advance…

...a great way to be more efficient with your time and make sure your posts get published every day.

Now you must be wondering what about Facebook's native publishing tools and insights.

They're both great options to start with, but even those tools have limitations.

So the more in-depth you get with your organic strategy and content planning, the more you'll want to have software that can take care of the little things.

For example, scheduling your Instagram hashtag as the first comment.

And having an analytics tool built-in gives you more information at a quick glance, again saving you time.

Tool #3: Canva

We are not going to spend much time on this because we have a lot of posts on Canva on our blog.

But the short and sweet essence of it is that you as a complete hobbyist can make all kinds of designs that don't look amateur, for free.

We know this post is about Facebook marketing tools, but do you need a template for:

social media

social media posts,

Google display ads,

Facebook ads,

TikTok ads,

logo creation,

...and much more, Canva has you covered.

And we have specially posted on How to Design Facebook Video Ads and Design Facebook Carousel Ads.

Tool #4: Creator Studio App

It's an app that allows you to access Facebook's publishing tools on the go.

Earlier we talked about scheduling your content in advance as the best Facebook content creation method.

And that's true, but when you're a business owner, things get busy sometimes.

Things come up at the last minute or maybe your scheduling software failed to post and you need to reschedule something on the go.

This app is a lifesaver for that.

Now before we move on to our list of Facebook marketing tools…

…be sure to check out our new social media advertising training course to start mastering your social advertising skills.

Tool #5: Facebook Ad Library

If you don't know, you can see which Facebook ads your competitors are running.

Simply visit your competitors' page, scroll down to the Page Transparency section, click View All, and scroll down to "Ads on This Page."

And then, it will tell you whether they are running Facebook ads or not.

If they are, click Add Library and you can scroll through to see all the ads they're playing.

And you may see from the little grey icon if they are going for walks commercials on Instagram as well.

Now, it doesn't show you the results of their ads.

But at least, you can see how they are addressing your shared target audience.

Once you see it, remove what you think they are doing well and what they are doing poorly.

Learn from it and build a strong strategy for your business.

Tool #6: Engagement Invitation List

You can visit any post on your Facebook Page that has a lot of engagement and go down the list inviting people to like your Page if they haven't already.

If you do Facebook Live, or if you promote posts a lot, you're bound to have some strong post engagement.

But it's not a guarantee that everyone associated with your post has also liked your page.

And usually, the most surefire way to gain Page likes is by paying for ads like Pages.

So that is a natural or unfastened Facebook advertising device that permits you to maximize your engagement and get extra followers.

Because more Facebook followers go on:

a) greater brand credibility, and

b) Strong brand trust as they see your posts moving forward.

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Tool #7: Facebook Messenger Automated Reply

We talked about this in-depth in our Facebook Messenger ad post.

But essentially, you may install a messenger campaign…

…so that Facebook automatically sends the responses you've already set up to your potential customers.

And it prompts the user to choose between different responses, all of which again you set ahead of time.

So if your business is lead-based, this can be a great solution to connect with leads and provide them with the basic information they need…

...unless a real person in your company can contact them.

In our Facebook Lead Ads post, we mentioned how there is numerous research that says "the most excellent lead reaction time is five mins or less."

So it's great to be able to immediately send them an automated message that at least acknowledges them.

And, tells them that one representative will return to them in x amount.

Like we said if you're running a Messenger campaign you can do this with your ads.

Or, you can set up organic automatic replies when your Page receives a direct message.

Simply go to Inbox, Automatic Responses, and choose from the list of prompts you want to send automatically.

Tool #8: Facebook Business Apps

We have seen a lot of videos on YouTube talking about third-party Facebook marketing tools.

And there are so many out there that it can be hard trying to determine which are legitimate, or which are more harmful than helpful.

But if you go to your Facebook page, and click on Facebook Business Apps, you get this huge list of Facebook-approved third-party tools that you can use.

You can read through their lists to find your favorite:

appointment scheduling software,

reservation software,

eCommerce Store,

the messaging app, or

food ordering app

…and connect it to your Facebook page to make it an easier process for your customers.

So if any of these tools apply to your company, we'll definitely check them out to see if they have your preferred software.

Tool #9: Business Resources

Go to sources and you may see guidelines and gear for your sort of enterprise.

Tips like How to expand your enterprise Stay associated with clients and Best practices.

And let's say it's tailored to your type of business…

...because we noticed that the suggestions changed when we switched to viewing this page from some of our clients' accounts.

That's why it looks like Facebook adjusts its suggestions based on what type of business you entered when you created the page.

And, it additionally updates a few gadgets to be applicable to the times.

So if you haven't tried it yet, it's a good page to see if there's something out there that catches your attention or sparks an idea for you to try.

And that wraps up our 9 Facebook Marketing Tools!

Need help with your Facebook marketing? Contact our Facebook Marketing Company today!

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