Automatic Backlinks! google search console is how cool


google search console is how cool

  google search console is how cool

If you’re concerned in managing SEO on an internet site in any manner, you already grasp that there are plenty of tools out there to assist you monitor and analyze your site’s performance. several of those services charge hefty fees to use them. however one service you must be victimization obviously is that the Google Search Console. It comes from the foremost vital player within the program business, the one you've got to pay the foremost attention to, and better of all, it’s free.

What Is Google Search Console?

The short answer thereto question, from Google itself, is that it provides you with careful analytical reports concerning your site’s and it’s pages' visibility in an exceedingly Google search. you'll be able to simply monitor what percentage guests you’re having to your web site, diminished in an exceedingly kind of ways in which, and therefore the ways in which those guests are finding it, the search queries they used, and which of them worked best. you'll be able to conjointly establish whether or not a lot of folks are viewing your web site on a desktop or a mobile device.

                      Google Search Console

But it will a great deal quite that. It conjointly offers you plenty of knowledge on why your visibility on Google is what it's, things like backlinks, sitemaps, robots.txt, errors with travel, etc. different things that Google Search Console will do for you include:

Help you produce content that's visually participating in search results

Tell you what sites are linking to yours

Show you if your business data is correctly highlighted in made results

Let you monitor however well your mobile web site is acting

Allow you to observe spam and malware issues on your web site

Help you improve and maintain your web site for the simplest search performance

Get email alerts whenever Google finds a retardant on your web site

And more. Google Search Console extremely may be a comprehensive set of tools for your web site, a minimum of because it pertains to however it performs in Google searches. And if it performs well there, it'll perform well on different search engines too. whether or not you’re a business owner, a web site administrator, SEO selling specialist, or an internet or app developer, you’ll notice this service terribly helpful.

Adding Your web site To Google Search Console

If you’re a primary-time user, you’ll get to add your web site and so verify it to urge started. Verification merely proves that your ar the web site owner or another approved user, just like the webmaster. It’s a simple method. when inputting your uniform resource locator on the Search Console web site coupled on top of, you'll be able to verify your web site by either downloading a file, adding associate hypertext markup language tag to your home page, by victimization your Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager account, or by linguistic communication in to your name supplier account.

The New Search Console

New Google Search Console

At the start of January 2018, Google discharged a beta version that they'd been testing for many months with restricted users to everybody United Nations agency uses Search Console. The recreate includes several of the functions of the previous one however conjointly offers some important enhancements. one amongst the foremost vaunted additions may be a new Search Performance report which can permit you to investigate 16-months of previous search knowledge for your web site. This makes it easier to try to year-to-year comparisons and to appear at long-run trends. It conjointly offers an associate updated report on however the URLs of pages from your web site ar being indexed by Google and warns you of any problems that require to be corrected. There also are updated search enhancements aimed toward Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and job postings.

Google guarantees to still add enhancements to the Search Console and welcomes feedback from users to enhance their product.

So move and check-in for the new and improved Google Search Console. It’s powerful and it’s free.

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