Automatic Backlinks! How to Verify on Facebook - Requirements and Bonus Tips


How to Verify on Facebook - Requirements and Bonus Tips

 How to Verify on Facebook - Requirements and Bonus Tips

Everything you would like to understand to be verified on Facebook

Facebook's blue verification badge means:

Facebook has certified that the Page or profile is a genuine presence of the overall population individual or brand it addresses. 

It completes two things:

This gives your brand instant credibility because people see the blue badge as a seal of approval from Facebook saying that the brand is legit.

If you find a lot of scammers trying to impersonate your brand, the blue badge will be a quick sign to people that your page is a real page.

So how do you verify on Facebook?

Well, today we are talking about how to put Blue Badge on Facebook.

Facebook verification badge

First, let's talk about Facebook badges pretty quickly.

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We just characterized the blue check identification, yet very you will be pondering with regards to the old dark confirmation identification.

do you guys remember this?

social media

There was a gray badge that was much more obtainable than a blue badge, and if a business had a gray badge this meant that the authenticity of the business was verified by Facebook from an application they had previously filled out.

But Facebook removed the gray badge a few years back. Facebook leaves us with a blue verification badge.

Facebook Verification Requirements

So before we start the verification process for this, let's talk about the requirements that you have to fulfill first, even to be eligible for it.

Your Page must meet these 5 criteria:

1. You must comply with the Facebook Terms of Service and Community Standards.

You should also have a profile photo, cover photo, and a page name that follows their guidelines.

2. Your page should be genuine, which recommends it should address a genuine individual, enlisted business, or element.

3. Your page must be complete, i.e. it must be public and must contain a bio, profile picture, and at least one post.

Your profile cannot include add-me links to other social media services.

4. Your page must be unique, that is, it must be the unique appearance of the entity it represents.

Generally, one account per unit is often verified, with the exception of language-specific accounts.

They said they do not verify general interest accounts (ex: puppy memes).

5. Your page must be remarkable, which suggests it must represent a well-known, highly searched individual, brand, or entity.

They review accounts featured in multiple news sources, and that they don't consider paid or promotion as a source of review.

Now here are some other things to note that aren't essential, but are important to remember:

1. On the off chance that you give bogus or misdirecting data during the confirmation cycle Facebook has expressed that they will eliminate your checked identification and should make an extra move to erase your record.

So don't do that!

2. On the off chance that your record addresses an individual, you will require a multiplication of your authority by official picture Id to approve your solicitation.

Some examples of this include a passport, driver's license, or national identity card.

3. Whereas if your account represents an organization, you will need a copy of any of the following:

a phone or utility bill,

certificate of formation,

article of incorporation,

or tax exemption document.

4. Even if your Instagram account is verified and linked to your Facebook page. This does not mean that Facebook will automatically accept your Facebook verification application.

5. you will have the prospect to include a few sentences explaining why the account should get the Verified badge.

You'll also be able to link to relevant URLs that help reflect the notability of the account, so take advantage of that!

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How to Verify on Facebook: Application Process

So thereon note, let's plow ahead and obtain into the appliance process, and let's mention the way to get verified on Facebook.

On the off chance that you arrive at this Facebook for Business article, you'll scroll directly down to where it says "Apply for Facebook Verification Badge."

social media

From there it will link to the form!

When you get to this page, you'll already need to be logged into Facebook so you can select the page or profile you want to verify.

From there you have to select the options that best suit your business from their list of dropdowns and prompts.

Then down below, you have some open-ended questions, including the option to send up to 5 links that show your page or profile in the public interest.

For example, we put:

A connect to our element on CNBC's show The Profit,

A link to our company profile showing that we have registered for 2020 Inc. Listed 5000 Fastest Growing Companies Worldwide,

Link to our news feature on Cheddar,

And some of the articles we mentioned, including those from Forbes.

After clicking on send you will reach a page like this.

It basically turns your application submission into a "support conversation" if you would like to send something else, so we'll see what they assert.

What to try to do if you cannot get verified on Facebook?

If they do not accept your verification, you can apply again in 30 days.

In the meantime, here are some tips Facebook gives you on what you can do.

Use the description in the bio of your Page or account to tell visitors who you are.

Use stories to provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into your life.

Encourage your followers to tag you so that people can see you interacting with others.

Connection to your record from your authority site, Instagram page, YouTube, or Twitter account.

Now one thing they don't really talk about is the importance of followers, or in this case, page likes.

Your follower account, we believe, plays a neighborhood in how Facebook views your credibility and public presence.

In other words, we think it helps some people.

So one thing you can do is go to your Facebook Ads Manager and create a campaign specifically to increase the likes of your Facebook page.

Just click on Engagement, then scroll down and click on Page Likes.

From there you'll follow all the steps to set up your ad campaign in ad sets and ad tiers.

But what does it really mean to choose a Page Like a campaign?

This means that when you select your target audience, Facebook will specifically show your ad to people in that target audience...

... based on what Facebook knows about them and their behavior patterns, who are most likely to like your Page.

That's why campaigns like Facebook pages are so effective.

Sometimes when you hear people talking about “pay for page likes”, you think of thousands of people buying bots or fake followers.

What we are suggesting here has not been taken into account.

Using a Facebook Page like the campaign is an effective and recommended way to get your Facebook Page likes.

For example, we generated 28,641 Facebook Page likes for this client using only a Facebook Page Like campaign.

The average cost per like was $0.14 but some ads were increasing page likes for even less.

And the likes are coming from the specific, target audience you choose, and it's still an option for them to like and follow your page.

You are paying for extended reach just to put the ad in front of them.

So on the off chance that you feel as you're doing all the other things solidly in the confirmation interaction yet getting dismissed it very well may be something you can attempt to reinforce your believability according to Facebook.

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Quick question for you: Have you tried getting verified already?

Comment "Yes" if you have submitted your application and "Not yet" if you have not.

And let us know if you have any other questions about getting verified on Facebook!

Otherwise, that's all we have for you today.

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