Automatic Backlinks! Digital Marketing for Beginners 8 Strategies to Get Started


Digital Marketing for Beginners 8 Strategies to Get Started

 Digital Marketing for Beginners: 8 Strategies to Get Started

Looking for a beginner's guide to digital marketing?

We have attracted many visitors to our site - that's tons of individuals.

social media results

But it had been not always so.

Digital marketing started with three people and a dream may be a story that we're sure most small business owners can understand.

We used an equivalent digital marketing strategy that we offer for ourselves, for our clients.

And for the various clients, we serve today, most of them are new digital marketing!

The digital marketing world is so huge it can seem overwhelming if you do not know where to start out.

We understand this because that's where we were in 2011!

That's why we're scripting this post on digital marketing for beginners ...

... to equip you with the knowledge and tools you would like to urge started and see real growth, as we did.

If you're new to digital marketing, today we're sharing our 8 essential strategies to implement.

In this guide to digital marketing for business, we'll break it down into all the steps you'll take.

Create a customer image

social media marketing


video content

SEO or program optimization

content marketing

advertising mailing


Digital Marketing

1. Create a customer image

We know this might not be the foremost exciting step when it involves digital marketing for beginners, but it is vital that it's your initiative.

Whether you're starting a replacement business or simply starting call online marketing ...

... you would like to try to do touch research on your customers.

You need to answer questions on your customers such as:

What is their general demographic group?

This includes their age, gender, location, etc.

Is it on Instagram? LinkedIn? Google? narrow down.

What is their motivation to shop for your product or service? Why do they have what you've got to offer?

This motivation could seem sort of a goal they're trying to realize or a pain point they're trying to unravel.

If you've read our blog for an extended time, you've seen us mention goals and pain points. Because it's important!

For example, for instance, you sell yoga pants.

Do people buy your yoga pants because they like prints? Or is it because they're 5'10 and your yoga pants are oversized?

Knowing what motivates your audience to shop for your product will assist you to know which types are:


stage and

To arrive

... to know how you ask them in your marketing.

Let's take a service-based business as another example. for instance, you've got a workshop and you're performing on cars for people.

Some of the pain points you guys are addressing probably include ...

not doing it yourself save their time, and

To relieve stress by letting them hand their car into the hands of knowledgeable without learning the way to roll in the hay themselves.

With these two examples in mind ...

… you've got 6 awards in 2021! "Such words start to think! is that the right thanks to addressing any of those pain points or goals? No, that should not be happening!

However, we see this very often when companies run ads to cold audiences about how good they're ...

... once they got to reach bent their audience with their wants and wishes.

So how does one do this? Take the time and energy to create a reputation as a reliable customer.

Yes, people buy goods and services, but they're actually buying solutions to problems.

The better you understand your audience, the simpler the remainder of the strategies on this list is going to be.

2. Social media marketing

This is what we as a workplace are best known for as we've brought many thousands of revenue to our clients through social media marketing.

We are going to start it from here in this Digital Marketing for Beginners guide.

Some of the simplest social media platforms include:




Tic Tac



Now, we have tons of posts on various social media platforms.

This includes a few new platforms that have popped up like the Clubhouse app.

But we want to talk about how you should use social media in general in this Digital Marketing for Beginners guide to take advantage of growth.

This is especially important when you're first starting out, so we're going to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about social media.

So to get started, which social media platform should you be on? The answer is whatever social media platform your audience is on.

See how Strategy #1 is already working?

If you have done your customer research, you should already know which social media platform they are on.

But for example, if you're a B2B company, you might have a little more luck on LinkedIn than on Pinterest, given the demographics of both platforms.

Now you might be thinking, "But what if my customer base spends equal time on 2 or 3 platforms?"

If that is the case then we would recommend not trying to deal with multiple platforms at the same time unless you have the time and manpower to do it.

Otherwise, we would suggest choosing the platform with the largest audience size of your customers.

And then, focus your efforts on mastering that platform before moving on to a different one.

And when we ask to focus on that platform, here are 4 CTAs you can take for yourself:

a. If you do not already have an account, create a personal account for yourself on that platform.

It's not for your business, it's just for you to understand the app.

Get a feel for what people post and talk about on that platform and understand from personal experience what a social media app is.

This will assist you when it comes time to post for your business as you understand the overall vibe of the app.

And as well as what type of posts are usually best received.

Know about all the features provided by the platform.

These apps are in competition with each other updating and introducing new features all the time.

For example, the rise of TikTok prompted Instagram to release Instagram reels, which led to YouTube also releasing YouTube shorts.

Using the latest features is usually a good solution for an algorithm.

This is in order that you'll get maximum reach and engagement on your posts, so stay top of them.

A great way to keep up with social media updates is to subscribe to our newsletter. just saying.

NS. If you don't already have a business account, create a business account on the platform and make sure it is optimized.

Yes, that means filling in all the basic information like your website URL, profile picture of your logo, etc.

But it also includes things like adding keywords to your bio or the about me section that is related to your business.

C. Choose keywords that people can find!

Now, social media platforms are not outright search engines like Google, where people ask questions or look for important information.

But, they have started adopting properties like search engines where you can search not just hashtags but plain keywords as well.

digital marketing for business

So it won't hurt to customize your account equally.

D. Almost all social media platforms have basic, built-in analytics for business accounts. use them!

Gauge to see which types of posts are performing best and which are not.

Use your insights to make an informed decision about where to pivot and where to continue with your social media strategy.

The best thing about social media for beginners is that everything we just mentioned is free. In all that you take nothing but time.

So this is a great way to establish your brand and gain some organic brand awareness even before you get into advertising.

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3. Advertisement

Now here at digital pgk, we split our advertising efforts into two separate services:

social media advertising, and

Google Ads (also known as PPC, which means pay per click).

So let's quickly discuss the difference between the two.

Social media advertising allows you to target people on social media based on interest, behavior, and demographics...

...or by an already existing customer list that you can upload and use to retarget and find new customers.

On the other hand, Google Ads allows you to target people based on what they are searching for on Google.

And you can even retarget your existing website traffic to thousands of websites on the web.

So to decide which advertising strategy you can start with, ask yourself these questions:

If so, write a list of search terms you think people will be searching for as it relates to your business.

In the marketing world, these also are referred to as keywords.

If not, still write a shortlist of things that people can possibly find.

Now we want you to use a free tool like Google Keyword Planner to see how often those keywords are actually being searched on Google.

Google Ads Keyword Planner

You can also use paid tools like SEMrush or the Keyword Tool to see how often things are being searched on YouTube.


keyword tool io

You can get many more question ideas around them.

digital marketing for business

The purpose of those tools is to confirm whether you were right about your keyword list.

Are people really searching for the keywords you thought about? And if so, what is the search volume?

If not, social media ads may be more suitable for your business!

The nature of some businesses lends more to Google and vice versa.

For example, if you own an AC fix-it shop, we all know that folks are more likely to travel to Google and sort "ac repair near me" once they need that service.

This is instead of stopping on Facebook and waiting until you see an ad from a accompany.

But apart from the nature of your business, which advertising medium you choose should also depend on your business goals.

If you want more Facebook page likes, a Facebook ad campaign is aimed at that.

We don't recommend Google Ads if your goal is to get more Instagram post engagement.

Now before we move on to the next strategy, here's our final CTA for you regarding the ads themselves.

What should they look like? What should they say?

Familiarizing yourself with the advertising platform you select will partially help answer this question.

This is because each different ad placement has different dimension sizes, video length limits, etc.

But the main thing we want to reiterate is that your ads should always focus more on being helpful rather than selling.

Remember that people are more likely to click on ads that directly answer a problem or goal of theirs…

... then they are the one who talks about your company's appreciation.

And also, depending on which advertising channel you choose, you need to think about where people are in their buyer journey.

Google is known to have more significant leads because people are actively searching for the product or service you offer.

Whereas social media is generally seen as a more top-of-the-funnel approach.

So just make sure your ad gets them where they are.

We have compared marketing funnels to relationships in this post, but to quickly summarize part of it…

... you wouldn't want to ask someone to marry you on your first date, would you?

The same is the case with your ads.

Using closing verbs and sales language on an ad that's being served to people who've never heard of your company or product before is a no-no.

We recommend that you optimize your ads based on whom you're delivering them to.

4. Video Content

InVideo said:

In 2020, 96 Percent of consumers increased their online video consumption, and Nine out of Ten viewers said they liked quiet brands and businesses

Now that we've covered all that, simply put, your customers turn their attention to video!

We've seen it for the first time! Our YouTube channel has gained around 12K subscribers in the last 10 months and is still growing rapidly.

So if you want to meet your audience where they spend their time, you need to prepare content in the form of videos.

And don't be discouraged when we say so, because making a good video doesn't require a Hollywood budget.

People do it a day from their living rooms, on their smartphones, then can you!

For example, we wrote an entire post on how you can create Instagram reels, and it can be as simple as that.

So we know people are consuming videos and making them is not expensive, but what happens after people watch your video? What are its benefits?

InVideo said:

64 percent of consumers buy a product after watching social videos created by brands and video marketers receive 66 more qualified leads per annum 

that's huge!

And there are other statistics where they came from, but the basic thing is that people are watching videos, and videos directly influence purchases.

So if you're not already using videos in your content, in your ads, or on YouTube, here's our post on video marketing in 2021 that you can read further.

5. SEO or Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the process that helps you to rank high on Google.

When someone types a search term (or keywords) into Google that is relevant to your business…

…SEO is what makes your website appear at the top of the search results.

Now you might be thinking, "Wait a minute! Didn't you say that about Google Ads?!"

Yes, it is! So let's point out the difference.

With PPC, you pay Google directly to place your ad in those top spots.

But with SEO, you're implementing organic, unpaid processes to get your top spot there, without paying Google directly for it.

So when you're looking at search results on Google, all the top results that have an ad symbol next to them are results from PPC.

On the other hand, results below that, which do not have an ad symbol, are the result of SEO.

digital marketing for business

Both strategies have pros and cons, so you only need to choose the one that makes the most sense for your business.

To give you a better idea I list some pros and cons.

PPC delivers clicks and results almost instantly because you're paying for them directly to Google.

While SEO is a long-term strategy that can sometimes take 12 months or more to really work, all SEO costs are time and effort.

Another point is that PPC will only work as long as you're paying Google, which can very quickly become expensive and difficult to maintain for months on end.

However, with minimal adjustments and optimization over time, SEO can continue to drive waves of high-quality traffic to you for years.

Digital Marketing

For example, at the beginning of this post when we shared that we have generated millions of website visitors…

…you can see that the bulk of it came from organic Google searches!

Therefore, we find that many of our clients use PPC as a short-term strategy to generate some immediate traffic.

While they start their long-term SEO game plan.

So, the question arises, how do you start your SEO game plan?

To fully answer that question, we would suggest checking out some of the SEO posts in our blog.

And so it is. As we mentioned earlier, Google looks at many ranking factors to work out which websites to rank higher.

And as a result, there are a lot of things you can do, like on-page SEO, off-page SEO, getting backlinks, etc. 

And our SEO playlist goes into more depth on each of those strategies.

But one component of SEO that we specifically want to spend some time talking about as our strategy…

…is next on this list of digital marketing for beginners.

6. Content Marketing

The Content Marketing Association stated: Content marketing can be a strategic marketing method that focuses on creating and delivering valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly defined audience and ultimately promote profitable customer promotions.

So, an extraordinary instance of this is mostly a weblog.

If you've got got a weblog, you could offer precious facts in your target market inside the shape of long-shape content material without promoting them at once.

So why is that this vital? Well, you need to consider the character of our global and the shoppers of today.

There are sufficient facts to be had for clients to evaluate you together along with your competition and to behavior big studies on any product or service.

People have the luxury of doing studies on themselves earlier than buying.

So you need to be the only one who affords them with the nice facts and the maximum cost without leaping at once into your income materials.

People do not need to be "bought to," and with the number of facts at their fingertips, they do not need to be.

This is going returned to what we mentioned in advance.

You want to cope with their ache factors and offer cost withinside the shape of accomplishing their desires due to the fact that's what human beings are searching out online.

So the primary part of content material advertising and marketing is to assist your target market and have interaction with them on your emblem with free, precious content material.

The 2d part of content material advertising and marketing is writing with each of your target markets and Google in mind.

Remember a few minutes in the past as soon as we started this method could be an element of search engine marketing?

This way.

One of the rating elements that Google seems at for search engine marketing is keyword volume.

That method if a person searches for "social media control company" and we do not have the ones phrases everywhere on our website...

…Google is possibly now no longer attending to rank us for that keyword.

So while you weblog, pick out a subject that doubles as a rather searched keyword.

You do not need to simply pick out topics that you enjoy.

If you are taking any recommendation from this submit today, it is backing up all of your choice-making with records and studies.

Back to the keyword studies equipment, we shared in advance to apprehend what your target market is in reality searching out and feature questions approximately.

And then, solution the one's questions withinside the shape of a weblog complete of applicable key phrases and facts.

If you do content material advertising and marketing this way, you may kill birds with one stone, as you'll be supporting your search engine marketing efforts.

Encouraging your target market up their advertising and marketing funnel with even much less precious facts to get what they need.

Digital Marketing

7. Email Marketing

Digital advertising and marketing for novices could now no longer be whole without this method.

MailChimp defines email advertising and marketing as a type of virtual advertising and marketing…

It can assist hold your clients knowledgeable of your ultra-modern gadgets or gives with the aid of using integrating them into your advertising and marketing automation efforts.

It can play a vital function in your advertising and marketing method for lead generation, emblem awareness, constructing relationships or attractive clients among purchases via differing forms of promoting emails. "

Now we placed that entire quote right here as it definitely sums up email advertising and marketing in reality well.

You can use e-mail advertising and marketing to shipping emails like these:

Send an automatic welcome email to every new client and/or client.

Send automated affirmation emails while a person makes a buy or schedules a name or service.

Send weekly newsletters with precious facts or updates.

Create a drip collection of emails you ship to clients primarily based totally on positive moves your clients have taken or are now no longer.

Now we've got a submit approximately email advertising and marketing in 2021 which you could study further.

But for the sake of this submit, we need to emphasize it.

Email advertising and marketing have to be taken into consideration as a method of bridging the space among your clients and in which you need them to transport upon your income funnel.

This is for nurturing your leads and present clients.

And if you are doing it right, you have to begin getting higher returns, due to the fact for every $1 spent on email advertising and marketing, the common go back is $42!

virtual advertising and marketing for business

For instance, we generated over $12K in sales for certainly considered one among our customers via e-mail advertising and marketing.

virtual advertising and marketing for business

Now if you are analyzing this thinking, "I have no email subscribers."

Then you need to return it up with a marketing and marketing method and begin walking a few campaigns to accumulate leads.

Email advertising and marketing would not help you gather email addresses.

Email advertising and marketing is while you have already got a listing of email addresses that you could ship emails to.

8. Podcast

In this listing of virtual advertising for novices, it's miles pretty new in comparison to the relaxation of the hints here.

"The file for hours spent being attentive to podcasts in 2021 is 15 billion hours, as in comparison to twelve billion hours years ago," says SEMrush.

virtual advertising for commercial enterprise

So in case, you're looking to searching for the platform wherein your target market spends maximum in their time, this will be it!

And earlier than you get annoyed wondering how a great deal time, attempt, and cash it's going to take to create a podcast, it does not need to price that a great deal!

We commenced repurposing our YouTube films as podcasts this year, and simply lately hit our hundredth episode!

You can use a software program like BuzzSprout for only a few bucks a month.

You can use this software program to mass put up on systems such as:

Apple Podcasts

virtual advertising for commercial enterprise


virtual advertising for commercial enterprise


virtual advertising for commercial enterprise

If you do not have content material you could rearrange for podcasts yet…

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…you could additionally begin via way of means of accomplishing out to different human beings who have got a current podcast platform.

And then see in the event that they could be fascinated to interview you.

Just due to the fact you do not have a big base of podcast listeners, does not imply you do not have the price and understanding to convey to the table.

So that is any other manner you could get your begin - getting featured on different human beings' podcasts which might be applicable for your field.

How to understand which of those virtual advertising newbie techniques are excellent for my commercial enterprise?

So the ones are all excellent techniques, however, in case you do not have the manpower and time to execute all of them at once, which one could you begin with first?

To solution this, you should first ask yourself those questions:

Where does my target market spend the maximum time?

Which platform is higher for the character of my commercial enterprise (like B2B or B2C)?

Which platform is the first-rate match for my commercial enterprise model?

After narrowing it down, attention to your efforts on perfecting one approach for that one platform after which pass directly to the subsequent approach.

Digital advertising for novices is thrilling due to the fact you are slightly scratching the floor of the explosive boom your commercial enterprise can see!

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