Automatic Backlinks! Social Audio is about to expand! Facebook Sound Bytes.


Social Audio is about to expand! Facebook Sound Bytes.

 Social Audio is about to expand! Facebook SoundBytes, Twitter Space, and more

What can social audio do for your business?

we've some very interesting news to share with you.

Social Audio is about to expand!

Facebook announced that it's officially bringing social audio to its platform.

Twitter is already beta-testing with the Twitter space.

Ladies and gentlemen, the competition is hot.

As the Clubhouse app continues to explode with user growth and recognition, it seems they need some big competition along the way.

So keep reading to know what it means and more importantly how you can take advantage of these updates for your business.

Today we are getting to discuss the new social audio features approaching Facebook.

So let's jump into

What is social audio?

Social audio is an informal version of podcasting. Traditionally, a podcast is broadcast by anyone who wants to listen to it.

Social audio turns this into a two-way conversation.

People have the ability to communicate directly with the broadcaster, or even engage in broadcasting themselves.

The good news about social audio is that it is voice only. So you don't have to worry about what you take advantage of.

It is now that let's talk about the major players coming into the social audio game.

Major platforms with social audio features

social media

1. Facebook

Facebook just announced that they are working to introduce several new audio features on its platform.

a. a neighborhood of a speech on radio or TV

Soundbite will be fewer audio clips such as to capture things…



Moments of inspiration

…and so much more.

Based on Facebook's explanation, to us, it sounds like an audio version of reels or stories.

Like a quick thanks for sharing something funny, informative, or entertaining.

According to Facebook, they are going to test the Soundbeats feature, such as Celebrities:

Drew Lynch,

Lolo Spencer, and

Other entrepreneurs and motivational speakers

Talk of stories, if you want to know more about it, read this post on "Facebook Stories 2021".

B Podcast

No wonder here.

We all know that the rivalry between Facebook and Apple has heated up since iOS14 influenced Facebook's advertising model.

Nonetheless, some of the biggest podcasters on Apple Podcasts have a large Facebook Business Page.

So it makes sense that Facebook has introduced a podcast feature, which allows podcasters to upload their podcasts directly to Facebook.

And since it will be on Facebook, you already know that it will be full of social features.

Being able to comment, share and communicate with the people who are connecting with your favorite podcast.

C. Live audio room

The move seems to be in direct competition with the Club House app.

The clubhouse made a reputation for itself through live audio rooms and creating engaging conversations about certain topics.

And if we know one thing about social media apps which is a name for itself, it is that Facebook is coming.

And he has a strong track record.

Facebook crushed Vine from Twitter, locked Snapchat in its tracks, and is in an active battle with Tickcock with its new Reels feature.

It is no surprise to see here that Facebook is not just allowing the clubhouse to be a place for a live audio room.

Facebook is aiming to release a live audio room by this summer.

They are going to start by testing the live audio room in groups.

And it makes sense because people already gather in niche-based groups to discuss specific things.

They are going to allow public figures and celebrities to host live audio rooms.

Voices like Facebook will be creating their own version of influential marketing to reach the platform quickly in public.

With all these characteristics, we still do not know how popular any of them are.

While Facebook is doing a great job keeping up with upcoming rivals, there are endless amounts of ways to publish content on their platform.

There are posts, videos, polls, stories, lives, stores, reels, Facebook watch, facebook shopping, Facebook games, etc.

We think we will have to wait to see how people adapt to social audio on their platforms.

2. Twitter

Twitter plans to exclude Twitter Spaces for all its users.

The Twitter space is live audio-only, similar to the live audio room that Facebook is planning to roll out and the clubhouse already has.

social media

Once it rolls out, anyone will be able to create a Twitter space as a host or a listener, including people who don't follow you.

This is different from Facebook, which will start rolling out its live audio feature in the Facebook group.

This can work to the benefit of Twitter.

Especially if it allows people to find a trending audio room without being part of a group or associated with a celebrity.

How will social audio affect the business?

So with all this said, what does this mean for businesses and marketers?

Since we know that all these social media platforms rely on advertising to make money…

... We believe that we may see an audio-based advertising format very soon.

If this happens, we expect people who advertise on these new features to get clicks at dirt-cheap prices.

This is similar to what we saw with story advertisements when we first surfaced.

In addition, outside of advertising, businesses will be able to continue expanding their brand by engaging in social audio with their customers.

It provides an opportunity to build better brand awareness and build deeper relationships with your audience.

So if you are in the game of growing from content, it will be an attractive feature for your business as well.

Now it is the same for the people.

Once there is more information we will be sure to write another post so that we can give you the best information to grow your business.

For now, if you want to maximize your social media marketing efforts, work with our social media management company.

We provide social media marketing services on various platforms to get you the best results.

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